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The Plan: 15 minutes a day in 2015.

What is the 15 minute plan? It is spending 15 minutes of your time bettering relationships with your clients, growing your database, improving your internet presence, and maximizing your virtual brand. However, the 15 minute plan can only succeed if you are consistent with it. Pick 4 days a week so that you are spending… Read more

Like bees to honey…

Internalize your marketing with these easy tips. Your website is an extension of you- it is the “honey.” It is your digital storefront that shows your past successes and areas of expertise. Most agents send emails, flyers, and postcards to their clients without any call-to-action to visit their website. Anything you send should bring people,… Read more

Cold weather means an increase in website traffic.

Cold weather means a decrease in foot traffic, which means an increase in website traffic. Remember: People start researching online months before they contact an agent… and boy is that true during the winter months. We never know who is going to be in town for the holidays or who will have a real estate… Read more

Tip of the Week: Clients aren’t afraid to walk away

So make sure they’re not lead astray. Are you a giver or taker this holiday season? Agents that do nothing but take from leads may eat better,but those that give back to leads will eat and sleep better. ‘Tis the season for giving (but it feels good to receive, too.) 1) GIVE 10 minutes: Door… Read more

While the turkey is cookin,’ the cranberry sauce simmerin,’ the potatoes boilin’…

Easily set up MLS searches, branded alerts, and updates to your custom pages to ensure clients get relevant information at the right time: when they are celebratory and feasting with family and friends. Don’t just give thanks to your clients this year. Give them what they want and need.   We’ve compiled a brief Thanksgiving… Read more

Happiness isn’t all about getting new business

It’s about appreciating and getting the most out of what you have. This includes your past clients. Hi, Tim and Anna here. We’d like you to meet Tawd Frensley, our Sales Director. He hosted a special webinar about our winning strategy a couple weeks ago. It was such a success that he’ll be hosting another… Read more

Tip of the Week: You won’t regret this.

Ready to keep your sellers consistently informed of home values, while maintaining a relationship with your buyers… …But not yet ready to make a decision a about a real estate website or CRM? Simply purchase Seller’s Corner by itself…. …..and watch the results happen within days. Use smart technology that puts you in your buyers’… Read more