2014 Full Speed Ahead: December 2013 Newsletter


Real Estate activity is expected to continue to progress at top speed. Modern technology is enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Real Estate market will continue its upward trend. This creates opportunities for savvy agents to take advantage. In addition, adapting to the changes becomes imperative. Make sure your business is empowered with the right tools to be able to connect and communicate with consumers and fellow agents effectively.


PropertyMinder AccelerAgent tools are at the forefront of this technology. We address the 3 major concerns of Real Estate marketing for both property listings and personal promotion: Internet Marketing (Web, Email), Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin), and Mobile Marketing (mobile optimized web content and applications), and Innovative Listing Generation tools. PropertyMinder is empowering agents to compete at the highest levels.


Credibility is the biggest hurdle many agents have in securing new business. A professional and effective web presence can go a long way in establishing credibility in the eyes of potential clients. Combined with a powerful and easy to use CRM, PropertyMinder websites help agents communicate their value proposition and important and desired market data to clients and persons in their sphere of influence. Constant communication with important relevant market data will increase credibility. Client tracking tools will then use the actions of potential consumers and help identify clients who may be closer to making a move, allowing agents to focus their time on prospects who are closer to making a decision.




One of the greatest trends in real estate marketing is the use of social media. PropertyMinder’s tools allow agents to effectively market property listings on social networking sites. PropertyMinder training sessions help our clients understand and maximize the effectiveness of social networking campaigns. We also offer custom tools for Facebook business pages that will connect your community to all MLS listings on your Facebook  fan page that will sync and track newly captured visitors in your AccelerAgent CRM.


The latest trends in Real Estate and internet marketing center around mobile devices. PropertyMinder has developed mobile applications to serve the needs of both Real Estate Agents and their clients. The Agent View™ application gives you instant access to Agent -Only MLS data on your Smart Phone. Agent View™ also includes the exclusive Agent to Agent chat feature, so you can communicate and collaborate like never before. The PropertyMinder Client View Mobile Application can be distributed to all of your clients so you can track your clients mobile search activity from your PropertyMinder Website Toolkit.


The real estate business is poised to perform in 2014. Rising property values will bring more sellers to the market. Agents need to have the right tools in place to benefit from the improved market conditions. The PropertyMinder solution addresses all 3 aspects of online Real Estate Marketing and is the most convenient way to extract more business from your database.



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We this year will be a great one for you. Let us help and guide you so that you exceed your goals in 2014. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!



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