21st Century Testimonials

A good testimonial is a nice thing.  It strokes our ego, reminds us of a good sale that we were part of and also it helps us to show a track record to possible future clients.  I do believe that a good group of testimonials as well as a clean bill of health from the Better Business Bureau is something I look for in a few businesses I contract services from.  Much like references on a resume, many Realtors® will keep a list of references from past clients and make these references, or testimonials, available on their website for the whole world to see.  I’m fine with this, but I would like to introduce the 21st Century and Web 2.0 to the testimonial ideal to help get more visibility to the realtors online presence.

Instead of only putting the testimonial on your website, places like ActiveRain have spots that you can easily put a few good testimonials yourself.  I think that a few good bullet point testimonials can jazz up your business listings anywhere on the net.  For instance,

I LOVE my new website, it truly is a magnet for buyers and sellers. – L Jesse Walker

Jesse has one of our PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Websitesand is doing quite well with it and is one of our many success stories.

Now if I put that in the extra areas available to me from my Google Business Listing to my Yahoo Local to my many other business and social directory listings, it is a bit nicer and shorter that a paragraph of myself saying the same thing.

There are other testimonial services and areas that your clients will have to post their testimonials for you.  This may be more difficult as your client will have to create a login and then find you and post the testimonial.  It’s a lot more work than just sending you the testimonial directly, but if you can get them to go this extra step, it is much better for you.  If your client’s have a yahoo email address, ask them to post their testimonial on Yahoo at your directory listing.  They already have a login and password.   You can also create a Yelp.com business listing which till recently has been mostly about restaurant reviews but has moved on to local businesses as well.  Getting your clients involved in Yelp would also be good for them because they can check out some great local restaurants and see what the patrons are saying about them after finishing putting in your testimonial.  People evangelizing you on websites other than your own will help to increase your overall internet exposure.  As the rule of SEO and SEM go, every little bit helps.

If you want much more detailed ways of getting and using 21st century testimonials as well as where you should be and what you should be doing on the internet to promote yourself, consider the PropertyMinderTECH-MAR Clinic.  Five hourly webinars walk you through details of where how and why.  Just the map that some people need to get their marketing kick started outside the box of their own websites borders.

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