4 Easy Ways To Get Folks Responding


It’s important to be of value and give people relevant information.
However you also need to ask them to “return the favor,” so to speak.

What can you offer to the public that will make them want to give you their contact information and, most importantly, want to work with you?

A few ways to get folks to respond with useful info:

1) Hide the address, virtual tour, and listing description of each MLS listing.
Tell the website visitor to contact you for that information.

2) Limit the number of MLS listings a client can view before they will have to submit
their contact information.

3) Offer a special Custom IDX search in exchange for contact information such as:
  “Get your list of (any city) Fixer Uppers” or
 “The most stunning luxury homes in (any city).”

4) A call-to-action does not necessarily have to be you asking for their
contact information:

- Get creative: Invite your website visitors to a get-together or have an online contest with prizes.

- Invite your homeowners to the “Your Neighborhood page” so that they can see active homes in their neighborhood.

- The 30 second lead capture will ask them if they’d like to see what has sold in their neighborhood in the past 30 days.

Our Community Team is always on standby to help you brainstorm and guide you along the way. You can also contact Customer Support with your own lead capture idea(s) and they will help you set it up.

Remember: consistent and disciplined outreach ensures they’ll remember you when it matters most – when buying, selling and referring.
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