AccelerAd 2.0 New Options For Craiglist Posting

AccelerAd 2.0
PropertyMinder has added new updates to the Craigslist posting tool with the launch of AccelerAd Version 2.0. These upgrades will allow the Realtor to post properties into Craigslist as many times as they want instead of just once per week. Realtors can pick from Text Ad or Graphical Ad styles, select which page the visitor can be re-directed to, and re-order any of the items.

Text or Graphic Ads
The first main option we have added is the ability to pick from a regular text-based ad style or from a more graphical ad style. We still allow for the text-based ad since Craigslist itself is just text (not too graphical) and usually draws the most traffic. The graphic style has a few options such as choosing from different background themes and a color picker for text colors.

Custom Links
Another option we have released is the ability for the Realtor to determine which page will be mapped back to their website. This may be very helpful for the client since they can directly point to certain pages like their Listings, MLS search, or to Custom IDX to show homes similar to the one they are posting. To coincide with picking any page, the Realtor can edit the lead-in sentence to entice the visitor to click the link.

Drag/Drop Items
The last main product enhancement for AccelerAd 2.0 is the drag/drop items menu. The ad itself is made up of four main items:

  • Property Description
  • Property Photos
  • Page Links
  • Realtor Info

Each item can be switched from one position to another just by a click & drag of the mouse. This adds an instantaneous change without doing anything to the ad. Press the new PREVIEW button to see changes on the fly.

Please use these new enhancements for AccelerAd to help get some more activity to your PropertyMinder website. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment. If you are an existing client, just login to your Admin Toolkit to start using it. If you don’t have our service yet, please signup for a FREE Test Drive today and see what AccelerAd is all about.

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  1. thanks so much for making this the easiest ad I have ever produced!!!! and it looks great too. what a benefit!

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    We are happy that the AccelerAd has been working for you. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything.


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