Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals – How?

In my last few posts I have been blogging about business planning, if you missed them, check them out (Planning to Fail Posts).

The purpose of business planning is to create a roadmap towards achieving the goals we have set. With our goals in mind, we must set out our action plan on what we are going to do in the next 30 days. All must do action items must answer this basic question: Is this activity going to bring me closer to achieving my goals?

In the business of Real Estate sales, there are two action items that should always result in a positive answer to that very question.

1. I need to meet new people.
2. I need to communicate with the people I already know.

Action Items to meet new people:

1. Prospecting
a. Door knocking in my farm
b. Cold Calling Expireds or FSBO’s or FARM (better to door knock the farm)
2. Hosting an Open House
3. Wearing a name badge (or Company Polo Shirt) in public and being super friendly
4. Attending social functions
5. Traditional Networking
6. Social Networking Online
7. Marketing

Action Items to communicate with the people I already know
1. Social Networking Online
2. Phone Calls
3. Lunch
4. Email
5. Personal Notes/Cards
6. Social Events

I am sure I missed some things… what else can we do?

How many new people should an agent meet per day, and what qualifies as a met person?

Walking down the mall saying hello and handing out your business card to 5 people does not count as 5 mets. It doesn’t even count as 1! In order to qualify as a met person, the agent must get the prospects contact information and permission to maintain a relationship with that prospect. An email address is the absolute minimum and if that is all you get, further action must be taken for that person to count. A phone number, email address, and home address are the most ideal initial bits of personal information an agent must extract from a prospect in order for them to count as a met.

If all you get is an email address, you must send a Facebook friend request and that prospect must accept you in order for that to count. Or, they must respond, react, or engage to the email that you send…

If you are not using Facebook – I can almost assure you that your prospects are. I can also almost assure you that you are not the only Realtor they know… The question is who will be at the top of their mind when they want to make a move, the agent they see every day online or the agent that sends them a monthly newsletter?

How many people to meet? You cannot go wrong with 5 per day as a minimum, but you could answer that question by relating to your goals. If you only want to sell 6 homes per year, you need to add a few people to your database per week, if your goal is 60 – then you need to meet a lot more.

Why should people, complete strangers or acquaintances, give you their contact information?

Tune in next post.

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