Agents and REALTORS®: What's your job?

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“You have to prove your value to a client,” says Linda Charman, broker/owner of Vanguard Realtors in Santa Cruz, Calif.

A role model for a staff of 20 full-time agents, Charman inspires confidence in a low-trust era.

Winning listings and moving properties requires transparency. As Broker of Record, Charman’s best known for mastering organizational flow. “In a county with only 74 sales in April, we had six transactions,” she says. The average price of a single-family home that month was $710,742, according to the Santa Cruz Association of REALTORS®.

Buyer power

During a soft market, one-on-one coaching helps maximize buyer power. “It’s like training for a marathon,” Charman says. “If you’re physically and mentally fit, the whole process is easy.”

In the beginning, Charman reviews the entire Buyer Agent contract –- all 10 pages — with clients “and waits for questions. In the heat of an offer, people are not paying attention,” she says.

“And I never put anyone in my car unless they’ve been pre-approved by a lender.”

Charman believes it’s her job to make sure buyers are qualified. She even goes as far as to teach buyers how to write a “really clean offer letter.”

“What good are agents … if they don’t get you to the finish line?”

Linda Charman is featured this month in REALTOR® magazine.

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