Announcements: December 2013 Newsletter

Craigslist Ad Rules Have Changed

Recently, Craigslist has made some changes to their advertising rules.
• They have completely removed all hyperlinks from their ads
• They are trying to “level the playing field” by only allowing simple text based ads with simple photography

How does this affect you?
It is more difficult to “drive traffic” to your website with the absence of the hyperlinks
If you are working on building your website’s SEO, you will no longer reap the benefits of “back-links” from Craigslist, since links in Craigslist are no longer allowed.
It is more challenging to track the traffic to your website from Craigslist since that data was also part of the “hyperlink”.

Should you even bother with Craigslist?
Absolutely! Craigslist is just as viable an advertising medium as it ever has been because it attracts traffic- plain and simple. Real estate agents should still take full advantage of the opportunity Craigslist presents because it is extremely cost effective. In reality, the only costs to advertising on Craigslist is TIME . Our Craigslist posting tools still allow you to make an effective post in seconds, thus you will not be spending much on the venture.

What can be done to still benefit from Craigslist advertising?
Previously it was rather simple to drive traffic to your website by simply having hyperlinks behind everything. Want to see bigger photos? Click the little photo which is a  hyperlink and now the user is on your website. Want more information? Same process.
Now you have to be a little savvier because you need to encourage the user to cut and paste your web address into their browser. Give the Craigslist user a compelling incentive. For example: a more comprehensive search experience, special Craigslist promotions, discounts, etc.

For example:
To see more photos of the property visit:
To see ALL property listings like a real estate professional, visit:
For a free home inspection coupon (a $400 value!) please visit:
To see funny pictures of my dog…

You get the idea.
This can all be administered in your PropertyMinder AccelerAagent toolkit. It may take a minute or two to set your calls-to-action initially. However, once set up, posting an ad on Craigslist will take seconds.
Although the traffic you attract to your website will not be sourced from Craigslist in your toolkit analytics, you will still see an overall effect on your web traffic. We will work on convenient ways to solve the tracking issues. However for now, we just have to have a little faith. Nevertheless, the results are still more measurable than other forms of advertising.

You can also have your calls-to-action be for your prospect to pick up the phone, make a traditional call, or send a text for info- but that is an exponentially more difficult proposition. It can still be effective if your call- to- action is strong and enticing. The beauty of Craigslist ads is that they are monetarily inexpensive and you can experiment with a variety of methods to understand what works best for you, without digging deep into your pockets.

And now for our second announcement…


The Seller’s Corner Tool (Take note!)


Seller’s Corner is our planned industry leading Listing Generation technology that personally connects you to your sellers with valuable neighborhood updates. The Sellers Corner tool is customized marketing that addresses the needs of each homeowner. It will keep simultaneously keep your prospects  from calling on “For Sale” signs and visiting Zillow.
Prepare yourself for more listings and more referrals in 2014!

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