Ask for the lead!

How long is a client on your website before they encounter a lead capture device?  A Realtor® may have a website for a multitude of reasons and purposes, but most often it is for lead generation.  After one second of being on a PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website an opt-in drop down box will appear.  The box will include a message that can be customized by the Realtor®.  If a visitor hits the OK box, their email information and name are instantly put into the client relationship management (CRM) database in the website.

The message in the drop down box is editable so you can change the message to be compelling enough to have visitors click the OK.  This will also include those visitors in a monthly email of a real estate market snapshot of the counties in your area.  As with all email from the website, your photo and contact information will be on this.  This marketing email is an excellent safety net to re-engage clients who are not currently searching for properties on your site.

There are different opinions floating around regarding when the best time to ask for a website visitor’s information is.  As salespeople, I say that it never hurts to ask right away.  Between the drop down lead capture device and the property search, you can gather quite a few leads into your follow up system.  Between the market snapshot and the property searches, you will be constantly marketing your image and contact information to these shoppers until they develop to the point of having a question or developing a need and contacting you.

Upon that first physical contact, the lead is now able to be classified by you as to their motivational level and probable time frame of their transaction.  Due to the nature of the internet, a real estate shopper may start their search for a property months in advance of their need.  It is important to engage them as early as possible in this initial search so that they will be using your search services and get very comfortable to seeing your image and contact information on all their searches over the time they use.  This kind of passive marketing will give you a very good chance to be the contact of choice when the client finally is ready to move forward with their quest for a new home.

If lead capture is what you are looking for from your site, make sure it has the tools to be a success story.  It all starts with asking for the lead as soon as possible.  With the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website, this entire process from asking for the lead and marketing to the lead has been completely automated to save you time and help you convert your website leads into clients.

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