Assign MLS Searches to Multiple Contacts

Assign MLS Searches to Multiple Contacts

Multiple contacts MLS Search

PropertyMinder has just added the ability to assign MLS searches to more than one contact. This means that you can pick them from your contact list or create a new contact and assign the MLS search (listing by Email) to them. This is great for helping spouses, investment partners, roommates, or any other groups of individuals who need to see the same listing results sent to them. All you have to do is setup the MLS Search as normal, click Save Search, then pick the contact(s) that you want to receive the Search. Next, press Continue, then finish out the setup process and you’re done!

4 Responses to “Assign MLS Searches to Multiple Contacts”

  1. I’m DELIGHTED to see this improvement & I may have good use for it! However, it is rare that at the time of creating a search I would want to assign it to multiple contacts. More often what happens is that I get a request for search that happens to match one I recently set up for another client. As a result, it would be SO, SO nice if I could create, name, and save a search w/o attaching it to anyone in particular (for example, all 3+2 SFR’s listed <$400k in Berkeley). Then, a week later when Joe calls me & says, please send me all listings in Berkeley that are 3+2 <$400k, boom, I've got it without having to re-create the search again. I can't tell you how often this comes up, & usually, of course, the search requires much more detailed criteria, often including a very carefully drawn polygon on the map to include only certain neighborhoods. We can do this, by the way, in our MLS (EBRDI, Paragon), but I want to do it in PropertyMinder!!!!!!!
    Please pass this along to your Development Team!

  2. RealEstateWebsites says:


    Great idea! we will pass it on to the developers

  3. Bill Price says:

    I have the same request as Jeff.

    be able to create a search and add contacts to it at a later time.

    be able to go to an existing search and add contacts to it

    Bill Price

  4. RealEstateWebsites says:

    Bill & Jeff,

    There is no ETA yet for this feature but it has been submitted to the development queue.

    Thanks for your input

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