Attending NAR 2008

Each year, attending NAR creates such anticipation and excitement within the Industry.  We look forward to seeing old friends, old colleagues and making new friends.  There is something about being in a room with the movers and the shakers of the industry; rubbing elbows with those that truly shape our Industry is exhilarating.  We look forward to what new and innovative tools will be unveiled, what new companies will pop up and which will have gone by the way side.  We seek information and knowledge, and of course there are the parties.

This year we saw consolidation, reinventing and just plain ole downsizing.  Given the number of attendees (I’m guessing around 10,000) I believe many agents put some thought on if they would actually attend or just read about it.  With social networking, it made it very easy for many to follow an attending agent via twitter or flicker (many were posting pics as quickly as they were taking them).  The scattered cyber stations throughout the tradeshow floor were always full with those who just couldn’t wait to blog about the day’s activities.

Of the handful of classes I attended, it appeared as most agents were there to gather information on the Industry, to prepare them for what may come.  There were lots of chatting in the hallways and small groups of people gathered here and there discussing the future of Real Estate – be it sales, MLS issues or commissions.  But if you asked anyone what the main attraction of the show was, you would hear, “The scarf king of course.”  Ten dollars for a cashmere scarf; now that’s a big deal!

Jane Ellsworth Purcell, VP of Sales

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