August’s Last CRM Webinar Is Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Webinar, August 28th 3PM PST! This month’s last webinar on probably the most important part of the PropertyMinder suite- the CRM.

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Just one hour this week, can save you dozens of hours next month.  

Why is learning about our CRM worth your time?

Your Contact Record

This weekend: 15 Minutes A Day To Quickly Generate New Listing Leads

And Remember: 

We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done.

We ARE in the business of supporting your journey towards reaching your real estate goals.

Our business is to help you get the most out of your database.
Everything we talk about, write about and develop is to address the issues that all agents continue to face.

We specialize in:
- Increasing your referrals through top-of-mind awareness
- Improving your response time through the use of transparent tracking systems
- Converting a buyer’s lead into a homeowner and turning them into a listing for you in the future

We are labeled as Internet marketing because our tools are accessible online. However, just consider us as the support structure for all of your digital and traditional marketing found in one easy-to-use toolkit.

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We hope to meet you tomorrow!

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