Bank Owned Property Sold By PropertyMinder Automation

In this tough market, Linda Charman, a PropertyMinder subscriber, proves that automation and prompt service is key to success.

“As one of Property Minder’s original subscribers, I am always appreciative of the services it provides.  It makes my job much easier.  I am a proponent of working smart not hard and the website reminds me regularly of how true that is.  I used to spend hours taking clients around and showing them properties.  My last 4 sales ( in the past couple of months) have resulted from my clients using the program to pre screen properties.  However, the most remarkable sale I made this month was directly related to the swift communication from my website to a new client.  I met the client on Sept. 24th.  I did my usual orientation concluding with setting him up for a property search in the area that interested him.  On Sept 25th a listing email popped up for a property that was bank owned.   This property is located in an area where the last similar home sold for $749,000. ( In fact I was the one who sold it two years ago).  This new listing came up at $449,000.  My client was contacted and I also got the email the moment it appeared on the MLS.  I took him to see the property and we are closing escrow on Oct. 24th.  This is a perfect example of the slick way Property Minder makes me look so professional.  As in my first testomonial about Property Minder, I am sure we beat the competition because of the rapid email notification.   And yes, there was competition because the price was so amazing.  Thank you again for your wonderful product. “

Sincerely,  Linda Charman (

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