Because it’s worth it.

Why hop on a PropertyMinder webinar?


-Website training from the comfort of your office chair or favorite couch

-Offered on a consistent schedule, every week.

-Your opportunity to engage with the speaker and the other participants. Discuss questions, share knowledge and learn from one another. Together we make each other succeed.

-Don’t just do them once! Take the trainings over and over again, if you wish. They are great reminders for things you should be doing.

-A half hour of your time is well worth the returns you will get back from applying a few simple strategies.

-Great refresher courses for both new, existing, an potential clients.

-Get to know the PropertyMinder team! We are a funny bunch. We are passionate about our mission. We are here for you and we want to see you succeed.



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PSSSST…..Two webinars, next week and the week after will be covering Seller’s Corner, a new industry-exclusive tool that is changing real estate agent’s businesses within hours. Register and find out all about it!

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