Being Top of Mind Without Being Irritating

Being Top of Mind without being irritating.

Notice how many less times in your career you have lost a buyer to another agent and how many more times you have lost a listing to another agent.

During the buying process you are sending listing alerts to clients, which keeps them engaged and keeps you top of mind. MLS listings provide you with a continuous stream of branded material that ensures a Buyer/Realtor relationship.

However, very few agents use MLS data for their sellers as a form of drip marketing. It’s like once they move into their home, they become forgotten and left to find the answers on their own.

The only thing a homeowner cares about is the value of their home in today’s market. When you set up a Neighborhood alert with PropertyMinder’s Seller’s Corner you can rest assured that your seller’s will informed of the market, aware of local housing data and you will be top of mind as their LISTING agent.

Seller’s don’t care about your last vacation, your new pet or that you appreciate referrals. They care about their home being worth more today than when they bought it.

Relevant information is never irritating. If you are the reason a client wonders what their home is worth, then you will be the one they ask.


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