Break-In The New Year With More Listings (Just 2 Opportunities Left!)


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No. You can’t make someone sell or list with you.
But you can make them think of you when
they’re ready to make a decision.

Instant Neighborhood Alerts +
Drip Email Marketing + Comparable Market Analysis =
The Genius of Seller’s Corner

The New Year is just 31 days away.

Get another listing (or more)
under your belt as we head into 2016.

(Agents are stimulating responses within minutes and
closing deals within days of using this. No joke.)

Give yourself and your clients exciting reasons to
to celebrate and welcome the new year.

Seller’s Corner & Client Tracking


Tuesday, December 1st

9:00 AM (PST) / 11:00 AM (CST) / 12:00 PM (EST)

“I just closed a $750,000 deal within days of having Seller’s Corner!”
– Andre Holley

- Can’t make it to the first webinar? No worries. –
Early registration for the next one is already open (see below)!

Seller’s Corner & Client Tracking


Thursday, December 17th

3:00 PM (PST) / 5:00 PM (CST) / 6:00 PM (EST)

“I set it up just 45 minutes ago and I’ve already got responses!
If you’re not using it, you ARE losing business.
– Tim Montoya

Get folks thinking….

The Lasting Impact of Seller’s Corner:

1) Prevents your clients from contacting
agents off the “For Sale” sign.

 2) Keeps your contacts from attending open houses
and winding up in another database.

3) Keeps your leads and clients away from listing syndication
websites which often provide inaccurate values.

By the way, my personal offer still stands:
Consider me your one-on-one assistant (free of charge, of course).

If there are any marketing challenges you’re facing, you’re not sure where to start or you just need to vent, I’m at your beck and call all-day to hear you out and help any way that I can.

Your Marketing Ally & Friend,
PM Marketing

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