Breaking It Down For You

That listing down the street………….
It has your clients’ attention.
They want to know what the seller is asking.
They want to know what it looks like on the inside.
They want to know what their home is worth in comparison.

How easy is it for them to call the listing agent?
How easy is it to go to the open house this weekend?
How easy is it to Google the address and end up on Zillow?

Set up a Neighborhood Alert for your homeowners and watch how your PropertyMinder website will keep every homeowner updated about their neighborhood.
If your sellers know what homes are being listed at, what the home looks like on the inside, and know what each home sells for, then you will have a database of informed sellers that never have to leave their computer desk or smartphone screen.


Lastly, if you are the reason a homeowner asks “I wonder what our home is worth?” Then YOU will be the person they ask to provide that answer.

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