Carving A Niche For Yourself

Do you have a specialty or a niche that you are working in your Real Estate Business?
Many agents are afraid to specialize because they do not have a lot of business as it is right now and they think that if they shrink their market or their focus they will have even less!
Is that the way you think?
Let’s take a look at this phenomenon from the consumer’s perspective…
If you were a first time home buyer, would you rather work with a first time buyer’s specialist who outlines in their marketing that they are willing to educate and “hand hold” a first timer through the process, or work with a real estate generalist?
If you were upside down on your mortgage and could no longer afford to make the payment, would advertising by a pre-foreclosure specialist who knows the process and can answer your specific questions appeal to you or would you just call the agent with a pretty picture and some 3-letter acronyms after their name?

If you were a senior looking to downsize or relocate would you rather work with a senior specialist who can answer questions regarding special tax incentives for seniors and address other specific concerns or would you answer the generic “looking to buy or sell anywhere, anytime, call me … PLEASE” ad?

Let’s look at another industry…

If you had a heart condition, would you seek out a cardiologist or a general practitioner?

I think you get the idea…

Everyone in the world can be classified as a buyer or seller of Real Estate, but that does not resonate with anyone because the field is way too broad. Everyone can also fall into several other categories that are more specialized and potential clients would feel much more comfortable working with someone who has specialized knowledge or empathy for their specific situation.
When you decide to market to a particular niche, it is not only more effective than the generic mumbo jumbo agents waste time and money on regularly, it is easier to craft your message, target your audience, and develop a comprehensive marketing plan.
Therefore, in reality, can we conclude that general practitioners of Real Estate do not have enough business because, in reality, nobody is looking to work with a general practitioner?
What do you think?

What would be some great areas to specialize in to make 2010 your best year ever?

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2 Responses to “Carving A Niche For Yourself”

  1. Carving a Niche in Real Estate…In the past 5yrs I realized majority of my speciality is New Construction (custom building) to help buyers to purchase a home that fit their family needs. And what better way to do that is thru new homes…In addition, helping buyers to sell their current home so that they can either down size or upgrade..With the intent to take full advantage of Tax Credit and First Time Home Buyers Program.

  2. Maggie Moore says:

    New Information For Ist Time Home Buyers!!!! The California Governor signed the bill for a 10,000 credit for ist time home buyers!!!! this will start when the $ 8000 credit stops. Call with any questions. Maggie

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