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Same kinda thing.

The 45 second rule Are you familiar with the “10 second rule?” (i.e. – when food dropped on the floor is still considered “edible”, as long as you pick it up before the 10 second mark). Well, the same kinda thing goes for your website. FYI: True branding occurs after 45 seconds. If your clients… Read more

How are you? (That is the question.)

Make sure your clients can find you. More specifically: make sure your domain name is everywhere. Promote your AccelerAgent website as often as possible including, but not limited to: business cards, email signatures, posters, billboards, and yes – even your voicemail greeting. (i.e.- “Hi! Thanks for calling. Sorry, I missed your call. Please visit my… Read more

Re-establishing that connection with past clients or leads. Give ‘em a ring!

The Analogue Agent in a Digital Age We all have the best of intentions, but it’s easy to lose contact with a past client or real estate lead. Yes, you have a CRM or monthly newsletter, but let’s face it, you may have failed to make a phone call, pay a visit, write a note,… Read more

Breaking It Down For You

That listing down the street…………. It has your clients’ attention. They want to know what the seller is asking. They want to know what it looks like on the inside. They want to know what their home is worth in comparison. How easy is it for them to call the listing agent? How easy is… Read more

Xmas Eve Marketing Tips!

  First off, Happy Holidays to you. We appreciate you and your support of the PropertyMinder Blog. We hope you will get plenty of rest, relaxation, and quality time with your loved ones. If you are working this week- tip of the hat to you. We are here to keep you motivated and excited about… Read more

Announcements: December 2013 Newsletter

Craigslist Ad Rules Have Changed Recently, Craigslist has made some changes to their advertising rules. • They have completely removed all hyperlinks from their ads • They are trying to “level the playing field” by only allowing simple text based ads with simple photography How does this affect you? It is more difficult to “drive… Read more

Credibility and Prioritizing in 2014

When it comes to Internet Marketing, PropertyMinder has been supporting agents for over 15 years with attractive and effective websites for real estate agents. Credibility is the biggest hurdle many agents have in securing new business. A professional and effective web presence goes a long way in establishing credibility in the eyes of potential clients…. Read more