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10 Stellar Reasons to Choose PropertyMinder and Never Look Back

Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is when a brand or a specific product pops in a customer’s mind first, when they think of a particular industry. Companies attempt to build brand awareness through media exposure on channels such as internet, radio, newspapers, television, magazines, and many other mediums. Is this not the key to real estate success,… Read more

The Contact Record, Your Bread and Butta

Updating Contact Notes and Contact Grouping It is a good idea to take about 30 minutes to set up your Groups and to organize your contacts into groups. You can easily create groups in the Groups section of your Client Relationship Management (CRM). Creating Groups such as: Single Family Home Buyer, Single Family Home Seller,… Read more

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Monday’s Tip

Where did your last listing come from? 63% of all recent listings did not come from the listing agent’s database. They are a result of outside contact and internet navigation. Where are they coming from? However, the better question is- how many of your clients have listed with another agent? How many of your clients… Read more

The Oddly Odd Answer

Yesterday we asked an agent, “How many people are in your database?” She replied with “100.” Next we said, “Okay, good. You are getting there. How many homeowners do you know?” Her reply: “Between 300-400.” Odd. Disconcerning. Yes, that is not a typo. She said 300-400 homeowners. Our next question to this real estate agent. “Wait,… Read more

The Top 4 PropertyMinder Tools Agents Should Use (But Don’t)

The Top 4 PropertyMinder Tools Agents Should Use (But Don’t)   MLS Searches for your Buyers If you set up MLS searches through your MLS login and not your PropertyMinder website then you are limiting yourself and your clients. Your clients are limited because the MLS is not providing your clients with comparables, mortgage calculators,… Read more