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Tip of the Week: What’s with all the inconsistency?

Why is one month so hectic, while the next is dead? Why do we have the ups and downs of our workload, paychecks, and clients? One way to understand the inconsistency of your business is to approach your database mathematically in three steps. Think back to your first year in the business. Write down the total number of… Read more

Don’t Leave Your Lead’s MLS Search at Zero Properties Found

Don’t Leave Your Lead’s MLS Search at Zero Properties Found People can search for homes on your AccelerAgent™ website. Once they save the search, their contact information will be captured and you will be notified. The client will begin receiving listing alerts when a property that matches their parameters hits the market. Once you are… Read more

Don’t forget to edit your lead’s MLS Search

When a lead sets up an MLS search through your PropertyMinder website, do you check that they did it correctly? Or do you ignore it? Do you take the time the time to adjust their search to make sure it does not pull up zero properties? This will be the subject of “Tip of the… Read more

A Few Obvious Reasons To Use PropertyMinder’s MLS Search Tool

  Register for a free MLS Searches webinar to learn more!   1. Website Traffic You want your website to generate traffic. The more traffic your AccelerAgent website receives, the greater the chances of capturing a valuable lead. In addition, traffic is one factor in determining Page Rank. With our MLS Search tools, you have the… Read more

The Top 4 PropertyMinder Tools Agents Should Use (But Don’t)

The Top 4 PropertyMinder Tools Agents Should Use (But Don’t)   MLS Searches for your Buyers If you set up MLS searches through your MLS login and not your PropertyMinder website then you are limiting yourself and your clients. Your clients are limited because the MLS is not providing your clients with comparables, mortgage calculators,… Read more

2014 Full Speed Ahead: December 2013 Newsletter

  Real Estate activity is expected to continue to progress at top speed. Modern technology is enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Real Estate market will continue its upward trend. This creates opportunities for savvy agents to take advantage. In addition, adapting to the changes becomes… Read more

WHY a Neighborhood Alert?

Then WHY a Neighborhood Alert email? Because every homeowner wants and deserves to know how much their home is worth. It is easy for a homeowner to pull over, grab a listing flyer, call the listing agent off of the ‘For Sale’ sign, go to the open house without you, or Google the address of… Read more