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The 15 Minute (Free!) Plan

More sneak peeks at the Marketing Tips crafted weekly by our company writers. 1) Identify where your business came from in 2014. Spend 15 minutes and ask yourself these questions. The answers will help you define a clear course of attack in 2015. Where did your clients come from: Referrals? Advertising? Farming? Social Media? What… Read more

COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!)

COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!) *Updated Home Search For Your Buyers* Our MLS will be updated. It is more interactive and more responsive to your clients’ mouse clicks. It simplifies the process for customizing a home search. The highlights: -Zip code recognition -Filters built into the map -Open house search function -Customized… Read more

Whoa! I just generated a new lead! Now what?

By Mark Burstein In Real Estate, lead generation is the name of the game. Some agents farm a geographic area in order to extract leads by door knocking, mailers, or flyers; or they leverage social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogging. They may advertise their website online with PPC or SEO campaigns. Some utilize traditional… Read more