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Sometimes cutting in line is okay.

  You can’t make someone buy or sell, but you can make them think of you first.   Most real estate activity will happen between the months of May and August. The average person knows 3 realtors. You have 30 days to eliminate the other 2 realtors that are going after the same business you… Read more

Today’s Seller’s Corner Testimonial Gives You Good Reason to Attend the Webinar Tomorrow

Today’s Testimonial about Seller’s Corner   “I just listed a home today that I entered into Seller’s Corner when it was released and I have another listing and two purchases coming up from a client I entered into Seller’s corner. You only get the quality of results as the information you put in.  It definitely keeps me… Read more

Whoa! I just generated a new lead! Now what?

By Mark Burstein In Real Estate, lead generation is the name of the game. Some agents farm a geographic area in order to extract leads by door knocking, mailers, or flyers; or they leverage social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogging. They may advertise their website online with PPC or SEO campaigns. Some utilize traditional… Read more

A breakdown of AccelerAgent’s tools that you should be using for your Buyers

A breakdown of AccelerAgent’s tools you should be using for your Buyers: Custom IDX links- They simplify the user experience MLS search – Available for every website visitor   Listing Alerts – Sent immediately to your buyers when listings match their needs Client Tracking – Shows you exactly what your clients are interested in that… Read more

We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done.

We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done. We ARE in the business of supporting your journey towards reaching your real estate goals. Our business is to help you get the most out of your database. Everything we talk about,… Read more

A article ticked us off. Here is our response. Real Estate Website: Still Relevant.

We read a recent article titled, “Your real estate website is irrelevant. Here’s why,” by Will Caldwell. We have to address it. Hogwash! The real estate website is vital to the real estate agent- if it is used right.    You real estate website is relevant if: 1. Clients can search for active listings 2…. Read more

Better than Shark Week and Duck Dynasty put together. Oh, yes it’s that good.

        Fear the beard. Fear the shark. But don’t fear reaching out to us if you have questions! Or simply  say ‘Hello!’  Or take a  Free Test Drive Happy Friday!