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The difference between asking and earning will be the difference in your 2014

How many of your clients have forgotten you? This is the only question you need to ask yourself and the only question that needs an answer. If there is a chance that 80% of your database will buy or sell with another real estate agent, then what are you doing to decrease those odds? Transactions… Read more

What is marketing?

Your marketing budget is affected by the amount of deals that you do each year. Many agents believe marketing is experimentation, which is not entirely correct. Marketing is growing your client base through consistency and value. Marketing is improving your image and legitimizing your brand. A Free Marketing Tip: Set up a Neighborhood Search for… Read more

Seven Awesome Tips to LOSE business

Make sure to follow these guidelines for increased chance of failure in your business.  Have a website that does not notify your clients of new listings or new activity instantly and automatically. Make sure the website does not let YOU know when your clients have a question or want to set up a showing. When… Read more

Once they buy a home, they become a seller. Time to get greedy.

1 lost listing = 3 total transactions Imagine how many deals you would do if you simply lost less to your competitors. It is not just listings you lose, you are also losing buyers and future listings. It goes like this: A Buyer doesn’t have an agent. The Buyer goes to Open Houses on their… Read more