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The Truth About Your Tax Write Off

Fact: A real estate website is a Tax Write Off. Truth: A PropertyMinder website is a great Tax Write Off. Imagine a Write Off that increases yearly transactions by 4.6, supports virtual and traditional marketing, and keeps your homeowners away from websites that start with the letter Z.       Test Drive Today! 

We Heart You…

If Seller’s Corner had a Dating Profile

If Seller’s Corner had a dating profile   Gender: Awesome Technology Status: Ready to be loved Birthplace: The AccelerAgent Lab Body Type: Streamline and really strong. Occupation: Keeping your clients away from Zillow Hobbies: Updating your Sellers on Neighborhood Activity Interests: Giving your Sellers home values before they go out and look for it on their own. Favorite food: Fresh MLS Data Likes: Making… Read more

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Halloween is for really famous haunted mansions….right next door to us!

Did you know that PropertyMinder headquarters are less than a mile away from one of the most famous haunted houses (well, mansions) in the United States? The Winchester Mystery House. There are doors, stairways, and windows placed in random areas. Some of the doors open on to blank walls, and some of the stairs go… Read more