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The Internet Does Not Give You Business

The Internet does not give you business. You create business by providing relevant info through the Internet and staying top-of-mind.     Don’t have time to compile long CMAs? No worries. Check out Seller’s Corner. It is a drip e-mail marketing system in conjunction with a CMA. It brings about: -Top of Mind Awareness -Home values and market… Read more

Ask Yourself These Five Questions

Tip of the Week: What’s with all the inconsistency?

Why is one month so hectic, while the next is dead? Why do we have the ups and downs of our workload, paychecks, and clients? One way to understand the inconsistency of your business is to approach your database mathematically in three steps. Think back to your first year in the business. Write down the total number of… Read more

Impress and Dazzle with the SPW

Setting up a Single Property Website for your Listing Listings are all over the web these days. Your listings are often compiled with similar listings in a boring format. No one gets excited. There is no inspiration for your leads to keep clicking. There is no incentive to stay and keep looking. It is time… Read more

Pass it on


Trust in Me

When it’s time to sell, trust in me: 2) To keep you instantly updated with your Neighborhood Activity. a) I will connect you to RECENT and ACCURATE MLS data b) I will make you an expert on the Market and Home Values c) I will help you get the most money out of your home… Read more

Never Zassume

Never Zassume your home’s Zequity……..from a Zestimate. That seems quite Zawful.   #YourAgentKnowsBetter #PropertyMinderKnowsAgents