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Happy Thanksgiving 2015: Your Chance To Gain 2016 Momentum.

Earning More Referrals: What You Don’t Know But Should.

  You work off of referrals because: 1) They don’t cost you marketing dollars. 2) The lead is more qualified than an internet lead. No one really knows how many referrals they lose – but it happens, often. Referrals are NOT lost because another real estate agent “stole” the person. They’re lost because the person could not… Read more

More Winning Tips: A Few Ways To Avoid Losing Business

Consider the following some bonus weekly advice. It is, after all, “Throwback Thursday”. Losing business is not completely unavoidable. If a relative or associate of a past client gets their real estate license, there’’s not much you can do. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent past clients from turning… Read more

Trickle-Down Referrals With Your CRM

The relationships you nurture today will pay you back tomorrow. Your CRM (a veritable referral-generating tool) is a great place to start. Your reputation matters. Let the people you know, help you tap into the people they know. Here’s how: – Make sure everyone you know is in your CRM. Group folks: co-workers, neighbors, friends,… Read more

Your 4 Free Email Templates

Here are your 4 Free Email Templates! Don’t forget that subject lines are extremely important. It’s like a first impression with a stranger. Need some guidance with subject lines? Email or call us and we’ll be glad to help you. Tim &  Anna 408.213.4658     1) Sellers Email Template: Hope this note… Read more

Email Marketing: It’s What’s For Dinner (And Breakfast And Lunch).

Even in the world of social media and texts, email is still as important as ever – especially in the real estate industry. E-mail  marketing consistency, like everyday meals, is essential in nourishing your well-being. A few things to keep in mind: 1) The Main Course: Creativity. Showcase your creativity by dishing out things that… Read more

Tip Of The Week: 20 Minutes A Day, Pays

Your Buyers, Your Sellers, Your Leads, Your Clients: AccelerAgent  has you covered on all fronts. View this email in your browser 20 Minutes A Day, Pays. Tackle doable tasks that help you handle and humanize your business. What can 20 minutes get you? Plenty… – 5 homeowners set up on Seller’s Corner so they stay connected… Read more