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Never Zassume

Never Zassume your home’s Zequity……..from a Zestimate. That seems quite Zawful.   #YourAgentKnowsBetter #PropertyMinderKnowsAgents    

Monday’s Tip

Where did your last listing come from? 63% of all recent listings did not come from the listing agent’s database. They are a result of outside contact and internet navigation. Where are they coming from? However, the better question is- how many of your clients have listed with another agent? How many of your clients… Read more

The Oddly Odd Answer

Yesterday we asked an agent, “How many people are in your database?” She replied with “100.” Next we said, “Okay, good. You are getting there. How many homeowners do you know?” Her reply: “Between 300-400.” Odd. Disconcerning. Yes, that is not a typo. She said 300-400 homeowners. Our next question to this real estate agent. “Wait,… Read more

Thy Challenge if Ye Dare…

    Thy Challenge if Ye Dare: Put 50 business cards in your wallet and pass them all out by Friday.   (Extra credit) Ask each person that you meet if they own a home and if they would like to receive a free list of Neighborhood Alerts this year.   (Clarification) Neighborhood Alerts will… Read more

2014 Full Speed Ahead: December 2013 Newsletter

  Real Estate activity is expected to continue to progress at top speed. Modern technology is enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Real Estate market will continue its upward trend. This creates opportunities for savvy agents to take advantage. In addition, adapting to the changes becomes… Read more

Credibility and Prioritizing in 2014

When it comes to Internet Marketing, PropertyMinder has been supporting agents for over 15 years with attractive and effective websites for real estate agents. Credibility is the biggest hurdle many agents have in securing new business. A professional and effective web presence goes a long way in establishing credibility in the eyes of potential clients…. Read more

Here is one thing most of us don’t do

Here is one thing most of us don’t do, but should this month and ALL through 2014. If you’re going to grow your business, and apply some new marketing strategies, you’ll have to set aside time to do it. No excuses. Do nothing during this time, other than work ON your business. Time to reflect,… Read more