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Top 5 Things to Make Sure To Do When It Is «Slow»

Slow Season. Off Season. Holiday Season. Winter. Whatever you want to call it- you have the opportunity to make it the best time of year for your business. Here are our first 5 tips for you for December. 1. Cleanse and update your database. Reinforce your relationships. Send thoughtful gifts and cards. Find out who owns… Read more

Psssssssst! A new PropertyMinder tool is coming…keep this in mind!

Starting acquiring Sellers Addresses in………. We are currently developing the most innovative listing generation technology that has ever hit the market. This interactive tool will personally maintain a relationship with every homeowner you know without using ANY of your valuable time. Due to its exclusivity, we cannot disclose all of the details, but we… Read more

The beloved call from your ‘For Sale’ sign?

There is nothing better than getting a call from a curious buyer or nosy neighbor about your new listing. It is your chance to put on your salesmen hat and try to convert them into a lead. The person you are talking to is probably in another agent’s database. That agent probably would not fathom… Read more