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Internet Mastery Part 3 Video

Internet Mastery Part 3 is all about Follow Up. Topics: 1. The systems in place on PropertyMinder websites for follow up: Auto-Responders, MLS Searches and CRM 2. Auto Responders – strategies for creating effective auto response emails. 3. MLS Searches – how to effectively use MLS Searches, and Client Tracking to Follow-Up on Leads 4…. Read more

Internet Mastery Webinar 3 | The Most Important Step!

Internet Mastery – Applying your website to your business The upcoming week 3 of the Internet Mastery webinar series will be all about Follow up. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO MASTER and will be the biggest difference maker in your business. Register Now! Monday 10:00 am Pacific Time / 1 :00 pm Eastern Time  / 12:00… Read more

Internet Mastery Part 1 Video

In case you missed out earlier today, we have uploaded part 1/4 of our Internet Mastery webinars for June. Register for the other parts below. Part 1 Driving Traffic covers: What is your niche? Building a Good Name… Driving Traffic Offline – Business Cards, Property Flyers, Marketing Flyers, Signs, Advertisements. Driving Traffic Online – PPC/SEO,… Read more

Carving A Niche For Yourself

Do you have a specialty or a niche that you are working in your Real Estate Business? Many agents are afraid to specialize because they do not have a lot of business as it is right now and they think that if they shrink their market or their focus they will have even less! Is… Read more

Post Your Listings On Craigslist More Often

Since your ad will be “bumped” down from the top of the list pretty quickly in some areas, a lot of agents would like to keep their ads “fresh” and near the top at all times in Craigslist. Here are a few ways to edit the Craigslist Real Estate Ad that is generated from the… Read more