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Ask Yourself These Five Questions

Top 10 Most Expensive Sales of the Year and 2 are PropertyMinder Customers!

  Congratulations Max, Don, and Sally,three PropertyMinder agents who sold 2 out of the top 10 most expensive homes last year!   “The Bay Area often tops lists for most expensive places to live in the US.  And, After viewing just this year’s most expensive sales, it’s no surprise! RealSmart compiled the top 10 most expensive sales in our little… Read more

Hook ‘em! Getting that ellusive contact info from strangers

Lead Generation: Part 1 Generate Leads from Strangers You need to have a compelling hook. Offer something of value in exchange for their contact information. Develop content on your website that is so valuable, that they can’t wait to give you their name, phone number, and email address.Hook ‘em with these tools: Free Market Analysis…. Read more

February is here…start it with a bang

It’s the first working day of February. Sign up for a free test drive & change your business’s workflow. Click here to begin. We look forward to “meeting” you.       #realestate #RealEstateWebsite #RealEstateBusiness#PositiveChange    

Thy Challenge if Ye Dare…

    Thy Challenge if Ye Dare: Put 50 business cards in your wallet and pass them all out by Friday.   (Extra credit) Ask each person that you meet if they own a home and if they would like to receive a free list of Neighborhood Alerts this year.   (Clarification) Neighborhood Alerts will… Read more

It’s Friday the 13th…but you should be working hard to create your luck today.

  Hard work= good luck. Get Strategic. We’ll help you. We will train you and support you every step of the way. Make today your luckiest day this month. Take a test drive this weekend.