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Sometimes cutting in line is okay.

  You can’t make someone buy or sell, but you can make them think of you first.   Most real estate activity will happen between the months of May and August. The average person knows 3 realtors. You have 30 days to eliminate the other 2 realtors that are going after the same business you… Read more

Behind all the glitz and glamour

Hi there,   “Will I win this year? Who am I up against? What are critics saying? Am I even in the right business?” Behind all the glitz and glam of the Oscars – competition, secrets and stress thrive. Celebrities must ask themselves these questions. I mean, they’re only human. Agents can undoubtedly relate. Why not secure… Read more

Your clients have been hibernating. But – spring is here. Time to wake ‘em up.

    Your clients have been hibernating. But – the weather has changed. Spring is a few weeks away. It is time to wake them up.   Your last listing… Did a past client of yours call you to sell their home? Or was it a referral like most of your business every year? If… Read more


ORGANIZE There’s no such thing as stale clients. Tidy up your contact pantry. Let Your Clients know they matter. Repeat business is often lost due to disorganization. Remember one contact can be put into several CRM groups. Your AccelerAgent website is also an email marketing engine. If you are diligent about forming groups in your… Read more


ACCUMULATE Who knew hoarding could be a good thing?   Collect the home addresses of everyone you know that owns a home. Take back Your Sellers! This is essential to have if you rely heavily on e-mail for client outreach and bonding. Why do you need people’s home addresses? Seller’s Corner Direct Mail, friendly visits,… Read more


Dust and polish your online look. No swiffer needed. Gather your thoughts and get creative with your content. Enhance Your Brand. Create a website theme – let it reflect your passion or area of expertise (i.e. – golf or luxury homes, specific geographic regions – urban, rural, etc.) Always remember: The exterior of your website… Read more

The 15 Minute (Free!) Plan

More sneak peeks at the Marketing Tips crafted weekly by our company writers. 1) Identify where your business came from in 2014. Spend 15 minutes and ask yourself these questions. The answers will help you define a clear course of attack in 2015. Where did your clients come from: Referrals? Advertising? Farming? Social Media? What… Read more