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The Nitty Gritty of the Springtime Open House

The Nitty Gritty of the Springtime Open House By Mark Burstein Real Estate Broker / Business Consultant Spring is sixteen days away. As the country begins to defrost, the real estate market is beginning to heat up. One of the most tried and true methods for lead generation is hosting the open house. Hosting open… Read more

AccelerAgent Spring Cleaning: It just takes a little elbow grease to make everything feel and smell clean, breezy, and linen-fresh!

The Annual Campaign – Sorting and Throw Away Tip Have you updated your Annual Campaigns lately? If not, you may be sending out the same one you did last year. Go to Client Relationship Management and then to Follow Up Campaign Click on each of your Annual Campaigns and: Choose a different message Change the… Read more

Coming soon! New Feature: Seller’s Corner

PropertyMinder’s New Feature Open Houses bloom during the spring.  Are your clients busy bees? Seller’s Corner is your “hive.” It is the place where all your clients are stored and looked after. Soon the heady, floral aroma of Open Houses will begin tempting your clients. Your job? To make sure that they always return to… Read more

2014 Full Speed Ahead: December 2013 Newsletter

  Real Estate activity is expected to continue to progress at top speed. Modern technology is enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Real Estate market will continue its upward trend. This creates opportunities for savvy agents to take advantage. In addition, adapting to the changes becomes… Read more

Target. Narrow. Focus. Prosper. December 2013 Newsletter.

  The Real Estate industry is a vast land of incredible competition and varying consumer perceptions. With so much opportunities and methods to achieving success, it can be easy to become lost in a sea of conformity, which may very well hinder a great agent’s production. One of the keys to success is for an… Read more

Announcements: December 2013 Newsletter

Craigslist Ad Rules Have Changed Recently, Craigslist has made some changes to their advertising rules. • They have completely removed all hyperlinks from their ads • They are trying to “level the playing field” by only allowing simple text based ads with simple photography How does this affect you? It is more difficult to “drive… Read more