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How To “Be All Things Real Estate”: Q&A With VP Of Sales & Marketing

  Our VP of Marketing & Sales, Tawd Frensley, explains how our new service “Homebrella” is relevant to you. Q: What is Homebrella? A: A destination point on your PropertyMinder website that connects your clients and preferred service providers. Q: How does Homebrella work? A: Add your favorite service providers to Home Care Center inside your PropertyMinder toolkit…. Read more

Pucker Up & K.I.S.S. Failure Goodbye: Just “Keep It Simple, Stupid”

Heard of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)? Shock-value aside, this acronym will undoubtedly help to permanently brand this week’s tip in your mind. For those not in your database (like Social Media connections or people you meet), post this no-nonsense, clear-cut content as your social media channel(s) “status” and/or when you introduce yourself in-person or via email:… Read more

The Secret? Write a Two-Sentence E-mail.

  Twice a month, send a personal one or two sentence email to your entire database. This is an easy (yet effective) way to get in touch with past clients, new leads, and build (RE)lationships that last.   In your Client Relationship Manager select “Contact List.” Set the contact salutation to be “Hi or Hello (First… Read more

Pssst! Our guest blogger has a secret to share with you!

My work as a telesales representative has exposed how countless realtors are in the dark about what’sreally available at PropertyMinder. The conversation usually goes something like this: Me: “Have you heard about our specialized branding, custom IDX and newly-launched Seller’s Corner tool?”   Agent: “To be perfectly honest, my brokerage already provides what you’re offering. I’m quite happy.”… Read more

We wear so many hats as agents (magician, dream weaver, therapist)

*In honor of “Throwback Thursday” –  let’s dish out some of our diverse role(s)  we proudly adopt as agents!   We do indeed wear many hats. Our clients and contacts are a family that needs our help and care. We go the extra mile and multitask like no one else.  We help make dreams come true.   … Read more

Ruthless Greed. Aggressive Deceit. Let’s debunk those real estate agent stereotypes!

Ruthless Greed. Aggressive Deceit. Let’s debunk those real estate agent stereotypes!   People vs. Profits:   Why are YOU in real estate?    Top responses will be featured & credited in our upcoming newsletter!   Comment on this post or email us at: anna at   We can’t wait to hear what you have to… Read more