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Changes To Our Support Team

Hello, We hope you are having a good day. We want to let you know that we have made some fundamental changes to our support staff. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience as our client. This not only means having a website that supports your business but also a team of… Read more

We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done.

We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done. We ARE in the business of supporting your journey towards reaching your real estate goals. Our business is to help you get the most out of your database. Everything we talk about,… Read more

Seller’s Corner…Supercharged to Transform your Database

There are new, exciting changes in Seller’s Corner. It is supercharged, robust, and it has become more optimized around your leads’ needs. We’re making something great, even better. We have added: 1. Detailed client activity record An action record will generate every time your client/lead visits their Neighborhood Alert page. This is so you can track… Read more

The Internet Does Not Give You Business

The Internet does not give you business. You create business by providing relevant info through the Internet and staying top-of-mind.     Don’t have time to compile long CMAs? No worries. Check out Seller’s Corner. It is a drip e-mail marketing system in conjunction with a CMA. It brings about: -Top of Mind Awareness -Home values and market… Read more

The ‘Keeping Your Clients Away From Zillow’ Webinars Are Scheduled!

Hidden in your database is a goldmine. A pillar of business most real estate agents ignore. Seller’s Corner is the way to uncover that goldmine, to discover that hidden pillar. We have scheduled 4 Webinars. Whether you are a customer or not, or you are just learning about us, these webinars are well worth the 1… Read more

A article ticked us off. Here is our response. Real Estate Website: Still Relevant.

We read a recent article titled, “Your real estate website is irrelevant. Here’s why,” by Will Caldwell. We have to address it. Hogwash! The real estate website is vital to the real estate agent- if it is used right.    You real estate website is relevant if: 1. Clients can search for active listings 2…. Read more

Better than Shark Week and Duck Dynasty put together. Oh, yes it’s that good.

        Fear the beard. Fear the shark. But don’t fear reaching out to us if you have questions! Or simply  say ‘Hello!’  Or take a  Free Test Drive Happy Friday!