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If Seller’s Corner had a Dating Profile

If Seller’s Corner had a dating profile   Gender: Awesome Technology Status: Ready to be loved Birthplace: The AccelerAgent Lab Body Type: Streamline and really strong. Occupation: Keeping your clients away from Zillow Hobbies: Updating your Sellers on Neighborhood Activity Interests: Giving your Sellers home values before they go out and look for it on their own. Favorite food: Fresh MLS Data Likes: Making… Read more

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2014 Full Speed Ahead: December 2013 Newsletter

  Real Estate activity is expected to continue to progress at top speed. Modern technology is enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Real Estate market will continue its upward trend. This creates opportunities for savvy agents to take advantage. In addition, adapting to the changes becomes… Read more

Target. Narrow. Focus. Prosper. December 2013 Newsletter.

  The Real Estate industry is a vast land of incredible competition and varying consumer perceptions. With so much opportunities and methods to achieving success, it can be easy to become lost in a sea of conformity, which may very well hinder a great agent’s production. One of the keys to success is for an… Read more

Psssssssst! A new PropertyMinder tool is coming…keep this in mind!

Starting acquiring Sellers Addresses in………. We are currently developing the most innovative listing generation technology that has ever hit the market. This interactive tool will personally maintain a relationship with every homeowner you know without using ANY of your valuable time. Due to its exclusivity, we cannot disclose all of the details, but we… Read more

If you are an agent, association, board, or brokerage…this video is for you.

It’s just a matter of time before almost everything in our industry goes mobile. We understand it can be a little scary to adapt your marketing to new habits and practices, but we will help you get there. Your relationships with your clients will improve and you will get more referrals. Some say, “We’re fine… Read more

Request all home services from the PropertyMinder SPW Toolkit

Psssst….coming soon: You will be able to request for ALL home services from our new Single Property Websites’ toolkit and local companies can bid for your business. Our objective is to make your life a little easier one piece at a time.     Intrigued? Curious? Let us know. Mention ProMinder.