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Will you take a chance?

We’d like you to “meet” Tawd Frensley, our Marketing Director, next week. He’ll be granting unprecedented access to our winning strategy in a one-hour webinar.  Our reputation is in the details: Our customers produce 4.6 more transactions per year than their competitors. The webinar will cover how to:  -Keep clients away from other websites -Build lasting… Read more

We wear so many hats as agents (magician, dream weaver, therapist)

*In honor of “Throwback Thursday” –  let’s dish out some of our diverse role(s)  we proudly adopt as agents!   We do indeed wear many hats. Our clients and contacts are a family that needs our help and care. We go the extra mile and multitask like no one else.  We help make dreams come true.   … Read more

Ruthless Greed. Aggressive Deceit. Let’s debunk those real estate agent stereotypes!

Ruthless Greed. Aggressive Deceit. Let’s debunk those real estate agent stereotypes!   People vs. Profits:   Why are YOU in real estate?    Top responses will be featured & credited in our upcoming newsletter!   Comment on this post or email us at: anna at   We can’t wait to hear what you have to… Read more

Today’s Task: Speak to 10 clients and say “Hello”

Say, “Hi.” You don’t have to sell them anything. You don’t even have to talk about real estate. Just have a conversation with a person and see how life is treating them. This won’t take more than 30 minutes of your time and you will have 10 people going through their day with you top-of-mind…. Read more

A article ticked us off. Here is our response. Real Estate Website: Still Relevant.

We read a recent article titled, “Your real estate website is irrelevant. Here’s why,” by Will Caldwell. We have to address it. Hogwash! The real estate website is vital to the real estate agent- if it is used right.    You real estate website is relevant if: 1. Clients can search for active listings 2…. Read more

What are the biggest challenges you face as a real estate agent?

What is the biggest challenge you have as a real estate agent? Let us know & we will write up an answer right away. Our marketing collateral in April will be based on what YOU need solved. Just think of as your real estate industry therapist. Sure we would like you to try our products,… Read more

Common courtesy, not so common?

Common courtesy, not so common?   We have noticed a noticeable trend on many real estate forums. Listing agents are frustrated over what they view as the buyer’s agents’ lack of common courtesy. We are not talking turning off lights and locking doors. Most of us are pretty good about being mindful of a seller’s… Read more