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Today’s Task: Speak to 10 clients and say “Hello”

Say, “Hi.” You don’t have to sell them anything. You don’t even have to talk about real estate. Just have a conversation with a person and see how life is treating them. This won’t take more than 30 minutes of your time and you will have 10 people going through their day with you top-of-mind…. Read more

I work off of referrals, so I don’t need a good website (Myth and Lie)

Referral Logic- You work off of referrals because: a) They don’t cost you marketing dollars b) The lead is more qualified than an internet lead Every agent works off of referrals. They are the cornerstone of any business. Low cost leads decrease the cost per sale. No one really knows how many referrals they lose but it… Read more

Better than Shark Week and Duck Dynasty Put Together!

The Referral Recipe: A Tablespoon of Timing & a Pinch of Consistency

The Secret Recipe The best way to get a referral is during the buying or selling process, when a client can see you in action. Established agents count on the good word of their past clients and successes to help them find additional business and to grow their database. Competency, charisma, and effective marketing play… Read more