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Every referral means…

  …that your client thought of you first. They could have referred 2 other agents, but you got the business. The average person knows 3 real estate agents. You are competing with 2 other real estate agents for 1 person’s business.   Simply stated: You need to stay top-of-mind to secure more referrals. Ask yourself these questions: -How often do your… Read more

Sometimes cutting in line is okay.

  You can’t make someone buy or sell, but you can make them think of you first.   Most real estate activity will happen between the months of May and August. The average person knows 3 realtors. You have 30 days to eliminate the other 2 realtors that are going after the same business you… Read more

Tip of The Week: Ask Yourself These Five Questions

COUNTDOWN: 9 WEEKS UNTIL 2015 Are your answers to the following questions discouraging? The scary fact is that when you are forgotten, you lose listings and referrals. With only 9 weeks left of 2014 – NOW is the perfect time to take action. 1) How many of my clients do not know how much their… Read more

COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!)

COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!) *Updated Home Search For Your Buyers* Our MLS will be updated. It is more interactive and more responsive to your clients’ mouse clicks. It simplifies the process for customizing a home search. The highlights: -Zip code recognition -Filters built into the map -Open house search function -Customized… Read more

The Seller’s Corner Free Webinar is coming up this Thursday, July 17th.

  “If you are not using Seller’s Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients.”  Tim Montoya, PM Customer, July 15 2014     Heard about Seller’s Corner, but still have not gotten around to using it? Itching for a way to… Read more

It’s go time. Less than 24 hours until Part 2 of our exclusive webinar series.

Don’t forget to register for Part 2 of the Keeping Your Sellers Away from Zillow webinar series, “Generating Listings.” It is well worth the 30 mins. If you missed last week’s webinar, this a great chance to catch up. Transform your business. Extract business out of your database that you never knew you had. Read… Read more

We said it once, but we’ll say it again.

We just read an article titled “Can you run a successful business without Zillow, Trulia or” We think that any article that shows both sides of a debate is commendable. We have to understand all sides to an issue. So read both sides. Then hear us out: C’mon guys (this is our facial expression, below)…OF COURSE you can… Read more