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Generating Listings: Part 1

1) Call folks. A “Hi, how are you?” goes a long way. Successful agents set aside time every week for renewing and nurturing relationships. Reintroduce yourself. Ask how they’ve been, how their home is holding up, how their business has been. Ask if they need real estate help or information this year. Remind people of… Read more

Leads to gain. Clients to keep. Easy as A-B-C.

  What’s important to homeowners? A) Knowing their business matters… B) Knowing the value of neighborhood homes… C) Knowing you’re THE agent to turn to for their real estate needs…   How can you prove this? A)…Get cozy with your contacts by sending them personalized emails showing that you see what interests them. AccelerAgent tracking will show you what they like, when they look –… Read more

Behind all the glitz and glamour

Hi there,   “Will I win this year? Who am I up against? What are critics saying? Am I even in the right business?” Behind all the glitz and glam of the Oscars – competition, secrets and stress thrive. Celebrities must ask themselves these questions. I mean, they’re only human. Agents can undoubtedly relate. Why not secure… Read more

The 1st exclusive webinar of the year

Hi there,   Honestly, you would be silly not to spend one special hour with us next week. Tawd Frensley, our VP of Sales & Marketing, will share what he has learned from over 15,000 real estate agents about referrals. Spring is less than a month away. Why not dedicate one hour to make the busiest season easier on… Read more

Same kinda thing.

The 45 second rule Are you familiar with the “10 second rule?” (i.e. – when food dropped on the floor is still considered “edible”, as long as you pick it up before the 10 second mark). Well, the same kinda thing goes for your website. FYI: True branding occurs after 45 seconds. If your clients… Read more

How are you? (That is the question.)

Make sure your clients can find you. More specifically: make sure your domain name is everywhere. Promote your AccelerAgent website as often as possible including, but not limited to: business cards, email signatures, posters, billboards, and yes – even your voicemail greeting. (i.e.- “Hi! Thanks for calling. Sorry, I missed your call. Please visit my… Read more

Happiness isn’t all about getting new business

It’s about appreciating and getting the most out of what you have. This includes your past clients. Hi, Tim and Anna here. We’d like you to meet Tawd Frensley, our Sales Director. He hosted a special webinar about our winning strategy a couple weeks ago. It was such a success that he’ll be hosting another… Read more