Client Traffic and Search Engine Placement

With our new Self Evolving Optimization you do not have to focus as much on creating and/or changing your website content.

Once you create Custom IDX links, update the meta tags and keywords, add the SEO titles to the page, and submit your sitemap- then you must invite your database to the website by using the CRM.

It will take you a few minutes to write your message for your clients and deliver a personalized email invite.

Note: Make sure to add the URL of the Custom IDX link, so your contacts can click on it from their email and go straight to the page.

Remember: There is absolutely no benefit for you to set up MLS searches through your MLS login.

Your PropertyMinder website includes the MLS. The difference is this:

  • Would you rather drive your clients to your website to see MLS results (in addition to amplifying your search terms) or send traffic to the MLS? You already know the answer.
  • Consistent traffic will help you move up the search engines for the key phrases that your website supports. Your database is a great starting point for creating consistent traffic. Now is the time to begin. Start those New Year habits early!

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