Co-branding can improve AccelerAgent™ website search engine ranking.

A RISMEDIA newsletter on March 11, 2009 stated “One-stop shopping promises a simpler and better experience for home buyers and sellers.” Studies show that most consumers want a single point of contact for the sale of a home and all related closing services. Partnering and co-branding with a loan officer makes you that contact. As a result, you will be growing your client base, improving customer service, build loyalty, and make extra money.

A great one-stop shopping experience isn’t just about introducing clients to your mortgage broker. It is about an effective marketing technique called co-branding.

Co-branding online means that you, as a real estate agent, will link your Real Estate site to a site of a trusted mortgage professional or firm. As a result, your website visitors can get both Real Estate and Mortgage related information and services at one stop.

How can you benefit from implementing co-branding strategy?
Your partnership with a mortgage professional will attract a greater number of qualified leads. You will be able to capture more leads as a result of additional lead capture forms on the AccelerAgentTM Website mortgage booster platform.

Secondly, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking for mortgage related keywords due to the mortgage content hosted on your own website. By driving more traffic from search engines and the loan officers site, the natural (organic) ranking of the website will eventually improve as a whole.

“PropertyMinder clients with AccelerAgentTM Websites co-branding with Mortgage Professionals realize that their superior technology does not prevent them from continuing to offer other mortgage choices to their clients”, said Aric Kazarnovsky, Executive Vice President and co-founder of PropertyMinder Inc.

Many agents do not understand the difference between co-marketing and co-branding.

Co-marketing is simply placing a link to a partner’s (loan officer or real estate agent’s) website on your site. Co-branding is a form of cooperation between two or more service professionals who are looking to build significant customer recognition, at the same time retaining their own brand names and distinction. Co-branding leads to increased loyalty and higher client retention rates. It will also disable competitor’s efforts to take your clients away. Co-branding is the science of alliance. It expands your scope of business and reaches more customers. It also leads to an increased value to the client, providing both services by a real estate agent on one hand and a loan officer on the other. When you share the cost of loyalty programs, your impact on clients is greater with pooled resources leading to a much higher return on investment.

With PropertyMinder REBridgeTM you can market your self and your loan officer as a “full service” team. The REBridgeTM connector tool connects a PropertyMinder hosted Mortgage site with a PropertyMinder hosted AccelerAgentTM Website.

PropertyMinder Mortgage Booster is ideal for agents providing both real estate and loan services. With a simple upgrade, agents with AccelerAgentTM Websites can supplement their existing sites with rich mortgage content including five of the most popular financial calculators, mortgage reports and articles, glossary of financial terms, mortgage lead capture forms such as requests for pre-qualification, financial consultation and online loan application.

Since 2002, PropertyMinder has been offering Virtual Office powered websites for individual agents, brokers and offices. With AccelerAgentTMWebsites, PropertyMinder clients are always in control. AccelerAgentTMsites offer a map-based MLS search allowing agents to exclude listings from displaying based on geography, list price, property type, cooperative compensation offered by the listing broker, or whether the listing broker is a REALTOR®.

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