Cold weather means an increase in website traffic.

Cold weather means a decrease in foot traffic, which means an increase in website traffic.

Remember: People start researching online months before they contact an agent… and boy is that true during the winter months.

We never know who is going to be in town for the holidays or who will have a real estate need.

The holiday season slowdown is a great time to schedule one-on-one training, register and attend one of our webinars, and update your website.

Things to do during December:

  1. Update and tweak your website. Create a custom page. Get creative- there are so things you can do with this. Take a look at what people are doing on your website. Client tracking is there for you. Are you checking what people are doing on your website? Are you following up? Set people up on MLS Searches and Seller’s Corner alerts. Add new slogans, testimonials, and photographs to your website. Add a video. The list is endless.
  2. Do you have social events on your calendar? If you do, treat them as work time and prepare for them accordingly. Gather peoples’ emails and addresses. Hand out your business card. Make sure to set people up on searches and put in their contact details into your CRM. Treat social engagements as work time and prepare for them accordingly.
  3. Schedule lunches, evening drinks or coffee/tea dates with friends, neighbors, past clients, vendors, and even competitors. Gather addresses and e-mails. Notice that people have particular questions for you? Write them down and write blog posts answering them. Take notice of what people say and need.
  4. Write blog posts (yes, we have a blogging tool) about getting a home ready to sell, how to price a home, and how to choose a real estate agent. Blog about neighborhood events and fun things to do. Appeal to the person with children, to wine lovers, to pet owners- get creative with who you wrote blogs post and emails to- you never know what will resonate with people and get their attention. Link to your Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  5. Read a book. Create and keep a reading list of all the business and motivational books with ideas or practical advice that inspire you.
  6. Make five phone calls each day Monday through Friday during the month of December, not including holidays. Call friends and past clients and wish them a happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. It does not sound important to many, but trust us…it is important.
  7. Take pictures of local businesses, parks, neighborhoods, landmark buildings that are all decked out and glittering for the holidays and share them on your social networks and your blog. Blog about events. There is gold in those photographs and posts, and people will thank you for it later. They start conversations, and help promote local businesses and neighborhoods.
  8. Use any spare time to tweak your contacts’ details. Fix uppercase and lowercase letters and clarify and correct gender titles. Go through old contacts. You WILL find something in there you forgot about.
  9. Exercise, meditate, and spend time with friends and family. Getting rest and quality time with loved ones will refresh and rejuvenate you for the busy new year ahead!

Being out and about during the winter months is good for your business. Even working in public places like a local coffee shop can help. Meet people, schmooze, and always have your business card (with your website clearly placed on it) handy.

Do you have other suggestions of what you do during December? A question about something we wrote here? Contact Anna at

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