Coming soon! New Feature: Seller’s Corner

PropertyMinder’s New Feature

Open Houses bloom during the spring.  Are your clients busy bees?

Seller’s Corner is your “hive.” It is the place where all your clients are stored and looked after. Soon the heady, floral aroma of Open Houses will begin tempting your clients.

Your job? To make sure that they always return to the Hive.

How easy is it for one of your homeowners to pull over and grab a listing flyer of a newly listed home in their neighborhood?

How easy would it be to call the listing agent, since all of the flyers have been taken?

Is it easy for your client to Google the address of the new listing and end up on Zillow or without you?

Or perhaps they will wait until the weekend and go to the open house in order to compare the newly listed home to theirs.





The agent at the Open House wants to meet your clients. That is what they are there for that day. Whether it is their listing or not, they are there to engage is a conversation with someone about real estate. Unfortunately, you cannot make your clients wear little signs around their necks that say that you are their agent, and your CRM does not come with a leash for each client, making sure they do not stray too far away. All in all, it is very easy for your clients to end up in another agent’s database.

Here is where we come in. What if you had a tool that allowed you to set up a customized, personalized, and optimized marketing strategy for each homeowner in your database?

Imagine a tool that allowed you to set up a Neighborhood Alert with Comparables, Photos, Details, Market Statistics, and Trends for every Seller you have, in less that 1 minute.

Picture an infinite listing generation campaign which ensures your sellers REMAIN your sellers, because after all… they are yours.

Seller’s Corner, is AccelerAgent‘s industry-exclusive feature which utilizes an interactive map and proprietary algorithms to identify and display all activity around each homeowner in your database. Every email they receive securely redirects them to your website and provides them with the information they need, want, and search for in that moment.

You can’t guarantee that your clients will never talk to another real estate agent, but you can guarantee that they will be alerted about that home for sale down the street, before the Open House sign appears.

We will keep you updated about this fantastic, new tool!

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