COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!)

COMING SOON (You’ll want to know about this!)

*Updated Home Search For Your Buyers*

Our MLS will be updated. It is more interactive and more responsive to your clients’ mouse clicks. It simplifies the process for customizing a home search.

The highlights:

-Zip code recognition
-Filters built into the map
-Open house search function
-Customized search by custom shape that your visitors can draw themselves
-Featured listings/display results are displayed in a new modern format

*New Website Templates*

We have made the decision to begin creating new website templates each month to improve the visual appearance of our websites for all of our clients. These will match your area of expertise, the desired property type, and your brand.

*New Calendar Tool: We’ll help you get organized!*

Inside your PropertyMinder Toolkit you will have a calendar that will help you manage your day-to-day tasks.
-Each task has a specific color to help you organize your day, your week, or your month.
-The tool helps you get organized around standard real state practices and tasks, such as open houses, showings, listing presentations, and birthdays.
-All events can be edited and moved to a later date. All events offer a click and drag feature to speed up your process of managing your calendar.
-The system will track upcoming events, missed calendar events, and completed events.
-You will be notified of an upcoming event.

Already in your Toolkit:

*Your Neighborhood: A New Lead Capture Tool and an Enhancement to Your Website*

Even more reason to try Seller’s Corner, invest time into learning it, and join a Seller’s Corner webinar.

This is the public-facing part of the Seller’s Corner tool.
Not only is this an enhancement to your website, but this is also a lead capture that allows you to offer Home Values to all of your website’s visitors.
Your Neighborhood was created to help you get the home addresses of your potential sellers.
Email your sellers an invite to come to your website with a link to “Your Neighborhood”.
They will be brought to a map and given instant access to everything around them.
The homeowner who visits your website has two options:
1. Typing in their address and being pinned to the map or
2. Clicking on the map in their general neighborhood by estimating where their house is located.
Once the homeowner/seller has been pinned himself or herself to the map, every active property in their neighborhood will automatically populate the map.
A timed lead capture will appear that will ask the homeowner/seller if they would like to see what has sold in their neighborhood in the last 30 days.
If the homeowner completes the form, they will be added to the ongoing Seller’s Corner neighborhood alerts. They will be updated on all new real estate activity in their neighborhood as soon as it happens.
They are automatically put into the Seller’s folder of your CRM and will receive up-to-date alerts about new real estate activity.
A couple more things:
-If you already have the Premium Package with Seller’s Corner- you will automatically have this included.
– If you do not have Seller’s Corner- please write customer support to add it at: support@propertminder and make sure to sign up for a FREE Seller’s Corner webinar. This one hour time investment could change your business for the rest of the year.

Exciting stuff! Questions? Email anna at or email support at

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