Common courtesy, not so common?

Common courtesy, not so common?


We have noticed a noticeable trend on many real estate forums. Listing agents are frustrated over what they view as the buyer’s agents’ lack of common courtesy. We are not talking turning off lights and locking doors. Most of us are pretty good about being mindful of a seller’s property.

But, what about the seller’s time?

In many cases, when a buyer’s agent schedules a viewing appointment, the sellers are instructed to leave the premises. This is so the buyer can comfortably view the home and not expose the seller to a money-losing cross examination from a zealous buyer’s agent. Buyers are rarely comfortable in a seller’s presence because they cannot speak freely while viewing the property. Most people are polite and would not want to risk offending the seller.

Sometimes plans change. You show someone four houses. They become too tired to see the fifth home. Or the buyer may outright “flake” on their appointment. Things happen.


No matter the circumstance, it is common courtesy to notify the seller and/or the listing agent about the cancelled showing. Sometimes, we may be embarrassed or do not want to deal with the hassle. After all, the buyer’s agent probably got stood up as well. Nevertheless, it is imperative that we reach out. PropertyMinder tools make this uncomfortable situation easier on you.

Your AccelerAgent website stores all your contacts’ confidential contact info. This allows you to send a quick message or text. Better yet, if you have started using the AgentView mobile app, you can send a message to the listing agent with one click. It cannot be any easier to extend that professional courtesy to the seller and the listing agent. And AgentView is complimentary to boot, so there are no excuses.




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  1. Randhir Kumar says:

    Yeah its really true that Buyers feels uncomfortable when agents roam around them. Buying a property needs space for the patrons to think about the location. Thanks for your useful post which will really means a lot for the first time buyers.

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  2. RealEstateWebsites says:

    You are welcome Randhir. We are glad you found the post useful! Please feel free to let us know subjects you would like us to write about in the future. We are here to help.
    -The PM Social Media Team

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