Credibility and Prioritizing in 2014

When it comes to Internet Marketing, PropertyMinder has been supporting agents for over 15 years with attractive and effective websites for real estate agents. Credibility is the biggest hurdle many agents have in securing new business. A professional and effective web presence goes a long way in establishing credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Take a couple hours before the New Year to study every page on your website. Is the content relevant? Does it pull you in? Is it geared to your audience?  Is it appealing and attractive to the eye? Do you have pages that mention neighborhood events, schools, history, and other useful tidbits?

Combined with a powerful and easy-to-use CRM, PropertyMinder websites help agents communicate their value proposition, as well as passing on important and desired market data to clients and persons in their sphere of influence. You are also able to keep track of every.single.lead. Because every lead- not matter where they are in the sales cycle is VITAL. Treat every lead the same. Use our tools to tailor your marketing to their needs and interests.


Constant communication with important, relevant market data will increase credibility. Client tracking tools will then track the actions of potential consumers and help identify clients who may be closer to making a move than others. This allows agents to focus time and energy on prospects who are serious about taking the next step, without forgetting 2nd tier or 3rd tier leads (because ALL are important!).

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