Do you have trouble collecting home addresses from your clients?

Soon we will launch the public-facing Seller’s Corner feature: “Your Neighborhood.” This will be a new lead capture tool in your AccelerAgent platform.

All you will need to do is email your clients a link that will direct them back to your website.

The link will open up a map and give your clients the option to type in their home address or click on the map.

Every active listing on the market will populate the map in the exact location they have entered (or clicked on).

A timed lead capture window will appear which will ask them if they would like to see what has sold in their neighborhood recently.

Once they have filled out the form, they will be added to your Seller’s Corner Neighborhood Alerts.

So, in summary:

“Your Neighborhood” is a public facing map that allows homeowners to pin themselves to a map. They will then instantaneously pull up all active listings in their neighborhood.

Why does this matter to your business?

1) It adds a new lead capture feature for you.

2) It gives you a good reason to email your contacts and invite them to your website.

3) It helps you accumulate home addresses from your existing client base, without having to call them.

4) It offers a interactive search capability to all your website’s visitors.

5) It can be used as an Open House check-in tool.

If you do not want to call each client to find out their home address, this new feature will help you re-connect with the most important part of your database- all of your homeowners!

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