Do yourself a favor…

TIP 1: Do Yourself A Favor

Google your name (with the word “Realtor” at the end) and see all of the web pages your clients and referrals have to sift through to find you.

Next, pretend you are a client looking for you and visit each of these pages.

After that, write down the total number of agents that pull up before you.

Is repeat business a problem for you? Or do you wish you had more?  If you do not continuously brand your domain name to your clients then you will continuously give business to other agents.

Tip 2: The more “nonsense” you send to your clients, the less likely they are to open the emails that come from you.

Instead of sending your clients regurgitated articles that you find online, send them what matters.

For example:

  1. Listing Alerts that match your Buyers’ exact needs.
  2. Listings Alerts that inform your Sellers of neighborhood activity.

Buyers want to know what’s on the market and Sellers want to know what their home is worth. One PropertyMinder tool will take care of your entire database.

Hint, Hint- set up an MLS Search for your goups and contacts on your AccelerAgent website). Tools like this and a good real estate CRM, will keep you present and center in prospect’s/contact’s minds.

Do you have clients that only buy homes in the $1,000,000 or up range? Set them up on a luxury home search. Contacts who insist on looking at only particular neighborhoods/school districts? Set them up on a tailored search.

Individuals whose preferences or needs you are keen enough to know (with pool, number of bedrooms)? Set them up! (You get the idea). Set up these infinite campaigns just one time- and they will keep working for you forever.

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