Does your website get less than 300 hits a month?

At least 40 percent of real estate websites generate 250 hits per month. The average Realtor® website gets 450 hits, according to a recent survey of PropertyMinder clients with AccelerAgent sites.

PropertyMinder announced today an intensive personal training program for real estate professionals.  The technology-marketing (TECH-MAR) clinic helps agents achieve a winning online presence and become home marketing experts in five weeks.  Download a free TECH-MAR catalog.

In 2003, PropertyMinder started offering the Fast Track Coaching Program exclusively to its clients. With training, agents captured 20 percent of site visitors as qualified leads. Based on best practices, TECH-MAR helps agents take advantage of Web 2.0 Internet marketing techniques and profit from online buyer trends.

Designed for new users, this cost-effective program shows real estate professionals how to optimize their websites for search engines and generate traffic to their lead capturing sites by adding a real estate blog and building online social networks.

TECH-MAR courses help agents re-think their Internet marketing strategy, eliminate costly traditional marketing practices, and gain competitive advantage. By harnessing the power of client tracking technology, a broker can provide an Internet buyer with specific information of great value to the customer and close more sales.

As an industry innovator, PropertyMinder has already helped more than 30,000 real estate agents and mortgage brokers leverage new technologies to secure success in an ever-changing market. TECH-MAR clinic instructors are Internet marketing specialists who have studied the impact of technology on real estate.

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